Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Google Ranking

Seo Concepts (included Clip Path)

Below I’ve compiled the top 6 ways to improve your website and get the best SEO bang for your buck with the least amount of time/energy. Why? Because I believe through giving we all benefit. Part of my gift to the world is this blog. Let’s call it karmic insurance.

Now if you want to skip below to the list then go for it, however, you’ll miss out on why improving traffic to your website won’t necessarily improve your business.

For the sake of this article I will refer to the multitude of search engines simply as ‘Google’, although there are others such as Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, etc.

I’ve been out of formal schooling for a long time. In marketing you need to become a chameleon and adapt to your ever changing environment. This is why it is critical to be an avid learner seeking constant growth so you can self-teach yourself about new and emerging technologies. Luckily, this doesn’t mean toiling over books at the library anymore, as with a keyboard the answers are right at your fingertips. Like this blog and others. So improving your website is all something you can learn to do yourself.

I am a marketer with a startup mentality. I have worked with and at many organizations or companies that just don’t have the money, the staffing, and or the interest in outlaying a lot of money for web design or marketing related to their website. After all, back end website and marketing SEO is not sexy. In fact, it not only ISN’T sexy but it is hard to quantify the tangible ROI.

For instance, even if you can improve your Google Ranking it might not mean you will get more traffic to your website. And, even if you get more traffic to your website, it might not translate into actual customer engagement, service, or sales measureables. For that you may want to read up on authentic and values aligned branding and make sure what you offer and how people can get it (call to action) is clear on your homepage.

SEO Building Blocks

With that little disclaimer out there, now let’s start with getting people to your website.

  1. Make sure every page can be reached from some static text link (buttons and clickable images DO NOT COUNT ~ I could tell you why but you probably don’t care anyway).
  1. Whatever content is key to your business make it stand out.
    • Important content should be near the top of the page, or in subheadings, italics, bold or within lists. All of these options have more power, with Google and other search engines, than plain text.
  2. Include prominent social media share buttons on your web pages, as social shares are correlated to rankings.
  1. Make sure each page of your website has a clean, keyword rich URL structure in place.
  1. Compliment the written text in your website with related images and videos.
    • Images and video can attract a tremendous amount of traffic on Google but make sure they have descriptive captions and ALT attributes. Also, use relevant keywords in your image’s file name. Not only will your site be more visually rich, it will pay dividends in improving your Google ranking.
  1. Finally, create content for your website that has keywords based on research to match what users are searching for. How do you determine what your users are searching for? These are tools that can help: Google Adwords and the Bing Keyword Tool.
  1. And…Produce fresh content regularly.
    • Google wants to know that your website is dynamic, not stationary and collecting dust. Ways to do this are to have rotating banners/images, an RSS feed or news/event items that can be updated regularly. Something; anything will help.

That last one was a bonus item. You thought you were only going to get 6. Remember over delivering is always a good business practice!

That’s it. There are many other things you can do to improve SEO for your website but this is a manageable start. On your quest for constant growth I hope you implement these. Then, if you want to do more check out Google’s SEO Starter Guide and Bing’s Help and How to for SEO.


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